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Finding Relaxation

Over a decade of Leyana Spa expertise in the art of relaxation has become treasure; a mantra for urban spa rejuvenation
in the heart of Sukhumvit, Bangkok town.
Step into a world of heavenly bliss and discover gems of ultimate spa experiences from around the world at the re-imagined
Treasure Thonglor (BTS Thong Lo) and new branch, Treasure Siam Square (BTS Siam).

Inspired by the exotic concept of Jungle Safari, Treasure Thonglor is a truly magnificent city sanctuary
tucked away from the bustling street. The well-appointed treatment chambers dressed in luxuriously understated
jungle tent-inspired décor are housed in spacious wooden resident amid green tropical garden, like a
hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

Among the extensive pampering and relaxing treatments created from ancient wisdoms around the world are
Thailand's traditional art of healing with herbal poultices and herbal sauna steam. Packed with herbal ingredients
with medicinal properties, the poultices are heated and then gently pressed topically to the area to ease tension and muscle pain,
promote blood circulation and boost the immune system. Another age-old remedy that promises the rid you of
accumulated toxins, weariness and muscle sore is the Thai herbal steam sauna. While the steam opens up pores
to release toxins, increases blood circulation and eases muscle tension, the herbal mix soothes and softens the skin,
leaving you feel totally relaxed and delightfully rejuvenated.

Let your mind wander in the heavenly Safari bliss and your body royally pampered by experienced, well-trained
therapists. Treasure Thong Lo also offers complimentary tuk-tuk shuttle service from Thong Lo BTS for all guests.


Treasure Spa - Thailand

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Treasure Spa - Thailand

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Treasure Spa - Thailand

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